Characters & Games

To date, I am pleased to have been a part of numerous cartoon series, and eight video games. Some of which you can view below. If you are a game developer and are looking for versatile female voices (I also do accents) feel free to reach out to me through the Socials or message me using the contact form.

“Puzzle Quest 3”

For this Announcement Trailer, I am the narrator.

“Chana’s Diary”

For this piece, I am the voice for the wife of a Rabbi, called the Rebbetzin, in Hebrew.   It’s featured in the Jewish Museum in Brooklyn, NY

“The Excorcist: Legion”

The Excorcist: Legion VR game is based on the movie Excorcist III.  In Chapter 3 Skin Deep, I am the voice of the demon Abyzou. 

Produced by Fun Train in L.A.

“Regal Academy”

Here comes the Evil Queen to shake things up as the new potions teacher.  (She hasn’t reformed her wicked ways at all!)

As a voice-actor, you search for just the right tone to embody the parts that you play:

Sometimes you’re a Celtic Goddess, who flies over a battlefield as a raven.
She appears at the end of the movie “The Otherworld.”

You may be part of an oppressed world, planning a rebellion against your robot masters.

Or, a reptilian menace in the garden of a classic children’s tale.

Maybe you’re narrating a crime show as a character who was there at the time of the murders.

“The Comeuppance” is a gangster-noir novella, available as an eBook.  I voice three female characters.  Plus, I’m also the narrator!

This game features paper cut-out graphics. Book of Demons, by Thing Trunk, took close to three years to complete. It’s been released as a console exclusive with Xbox One.

Suzy & the gang from the Duckport Adventure Club surprise Gramma Gussie with something special, learning about honesty in the process, in this clip from the beloved children’s cartoon series.

This is another example of ADR (additional dialogue replacement.)  In the overdub for this film, I voice the heroine, Jiang Guifang.  She has an epiphany in this pivotal scene.

Long ago, my character, Grace was a an ambitious witch, but the giants stole her wand.  She manipulates Jack in to getting it back for her.  Once the four lost treasures are recovered, Grace will be restored to her former glory. 

“Wheel of Fortune” …Special thanks goes out to Jim Thornton, The Wheel of Fortune in-house announcer, for joining me on this piece.  There’s a special guest appearance by everyones’ favorite game show hostess too! 

“Rose Donohue”

In this short film, written and directed by Austin Nunes, I am the voice for actress Donna Aiello.   This is an example of ADR (additional dialogue replacement.)

Reflections of Life 2: Equilibrium

In this hidden object game, I voice the part of the lovely Queen Tula, Queen of Creatos.  I am kidnapped, and leave clues for the game player to help find me through my diary.

“Bubble Marin” is a popular cartoon in Korea.  It features a fun family of submarines, and their underwater world. 

In “Cuore”  I play a totally different kind of grandma.  This cartoon runs in Italy, and as you’ll see, teaches morals through sometimes violent scenarios.

Dark Dimensions 3: City of Ash

For this character I voiced a much older woman.  Rita Brown.  She is the mother of Audrey – the heroine in the game.